On May 25, 2007, the Dead will indeed walk the streets of Downtown Memphis. Keep checking this space for updates.

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The Official Zombie March Route

The Official Zombie March Route

Thursday, May 24, 2007

We have a Flickr pool

If you attend the march and snap some photos of the carnage, we sure would love for you to share them with us!

Click here to join the Memphis Zombie Massacre Flickr group.

Tomorrow is Z-Day

It's so close I can smell the flesh of the living. And it smells tasty.

Once again, it's time to reiterate the rules for the '07 Memphis Zombie Attack.

But first! A couple of things to clarify —

• Children are welcome to the march — we want to see some zombie families!

• The hardcore zombification at 5 p.m. is to take place at the pay lot behind the Plush Club — the lot on Beale — if all goes according to plan (i.e. there is room for me to park and set up a little mini HQ). Keep in mind that there are two pay lots near the Plush Club. If you don't see us in one, check the other. If you don't see us in either, keep checking back and forth.

• The after-party at Ernestine&Hazel's is open to everyone. The Flyer article* said the party is for the 21-and-up set (which we originally thought it would be), but the E&H people are cool and they said they'll be carding at the bar. So if your underage ass wants to come party, bring it! You just may not be able to booze it up. Legally.

Okay, now on to the rules:

• No alcohol or drugs while marching
• No touching or harassing bystanders
• No blocking of traffic or destruction of property
• No scaring children
• No entering any galleries or shops — stay on the sidewalks
• No lawbreaking of any sort
• Try not to make a mess and get gore everywhere on the streets

REMEMBER — this is a public performance art spectacle. We are there to entertain, and maybe to confound just a little. Give those Memorial Day weekend/Memphis in May tourists something to laugh at, to take pictures of, to run home and tell their bridge clubs about.

See you tomorrow.

* Thanks, Cherie!!

Hardcore zombification

(from our MySpace blog)

Friends of the undead,

A makeup artist has been kind enough to volunteer his services for those who would like a little help becoming zombified. He has even volunteered EXTRA time to do the job right for those who want to be especially impressive zombies. We like to call this process hardcore zombification - it's like the platinum card version of zombification. For those who would like Hardcore Zombification, the makeup artist (as well as one of us) will be available beginning at 5 p.m. on the day of the march (Friday May 25th) in the parking lot of the Plush Club. (380 Beale St, cross street is 4th) We have also received word from a few other makeup artists and hobbyists that they would be happy to help out, so we encourage all of these volunteers to swing by the Plush Club parking lot as well and help with the hardcore zombification process.

We do want to make it clear, though, that this is a fairly last-minute arrangement and we cannot absolutely 100% guarantee that there will be no problems using this parking lot. We needed to think of a viable public place for this that is very near the actual meeting place for the march and this seemed to be the most logical spot - but please be aware there is a small chance that you could possibly be asked to leave the lot, and there's nothing we can do about this.

If you do participate in the hardcore zombification, remember that the larger group of zombies is meeting in front of the Old Daisy on Beale between 3rd & 4th at 6:15 p.m. and then beginning our march of doom beginning strictly at 6:45. So make sure to get over to the Old Daisy in time.

We hope that you are savoring your last few days of ordinary human consciousness.

Buy some shiz, support the Undead

So, we totally should have had a Cafepress shop open a long time ago, but we Undead are a busy bunch.

Anyway, if you've got the time, take a gander at some of our wares here.

You can commemorate the '07 Memphis Zombie March in style. More designs to come, hopefully! What kind of designs would you like to see? Let us know.

FYI, the prices have been very slightly marked up from the Cafepress base prices. Any and all proceeds will go to helping us recoup our costs for the public assembly permit (yes, America, you have to PAY MONEY to assemble on public streets) as well as the cost of publicity materials and makeup.

Your support is appreciated! See you tomorrow!

How to get eaten — a visual tutorial

If you'd like to get devoured by the mass of zombies during the march, keep this simple guideline in mind:

how to get eaten — a visual guide

Note how the absence of duct tape equals not getting devoured.

So if you'll be waiting along the route in the hopes of getting devoured, please try to make it obvious that that's what you want by sporting a huge duct-tape X on your shirt, so we don't pass you by. (It's likely to be crowded and you might be overlooked, so keep running ahead of us until we see you.)

No obvious markings and we're going to ignore you. Just to be safe.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We need you.

Come join us Friday, May 25, for a public spectacle that is bound to shock and awe the downtown public.

We need your participation, and that of your friends and lovers and relatives and acquaintances.

So we encourage you to steal the flyer above and post it to your website, blog, MySpace, etc., or print it out and give it to people. On campus, in church, on the street. Whatever. Just as long as you spread the word. Get people to come out and commune with their fellow undead on May 25. It's a Friday, late May, so the weather will be sticky and annoying. You will be irritable but bored, and you'll need something to do. What better way to spend an evening than with us?