On May 25, 2007, the Dead will indeed walk the streets of Downtown Memphis. Keep checking this space for updates.

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The Official Zombie March Route

The Official Zombie March Route

Monday, March 26, 2007

So what IS a Zombie Invasion, anyway?

Friends of the undead,

So, you may be wondering – what exactly will take place during the Memphis Zombie Invasion? What will YOU do to participate in this slow march of the undead? As the event is just 2 months away, it is a good time to explain exactly what this will look like:

Most importantly, the zombies depend upon MASS-PARTICIPATION. We are not looking for onlookers and photographers, although we anticipate there will be some of those. This is no ordinary parade, where a few selected participants march down the street while everyone else stands on the sidelines and watches. Zombies don’t want idle spectators – they want to multiply, to eat more and more brains, to create a larger and larger mass of stumbling, limping, moaning, brain-starved undead.

So how exactly does this mass-participation happen? We will be publicizing a particular route that the zombies will march along. If you would like to become zombie-fied and join this melancholy march of doom, then you will need to position yourself somewhere along the route with a prominent symbol indicating that you want to join the zombies. We will clearly publicize what this symbol should be. Then, the zombies will descend upon you and zombie-fy you – (fake) blood and makeup will be involved, so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting destroyed. At this point, you may begin stumbling and drooling down the street as you begin your endless and unquenchable search for brains.

That is how this works. Thus, future updates will include information on the exact route, the timing of the march, how you should act if you are in the march, what you can and can’t do (attacking random bystanders is NOT acceptable, even if it is in good fun!), and various post-march festivities (on rare occasion, despite their perennial hunger for brains, the undead like a good bout of drinkin’ too.)

So please JOIN us. There’s no point in resisting – the undead will own America at some time in the not-too-distant future – say goodbye to soccer moms and rebellious teenagers and Wall Street executives and hipsters and punk rockers and the working class and journalists and Republicans and Democrats and college students and all the rest of our social niches. Zombie-fication is the ultimate equalizer. We are all equal in undeath.


seserakh said...

Excellent plan. Most excellent. If any of you can spare the time, contact me at cherie at memphisflyer dot com. I'd love to set up an interview about the impending zombie invasion.

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